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For all Hong Kong legislation text in Our Website:

(a) The Hong Kong Government owns the copyright in the text of Legislation;

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(d) as at which date the Reproduced Provisions included or displayed in Our Website are up-to-date;

(e) Legislation, in both English and Chinese, is available free of charge in the HKeL website as maintained by the Department of Justice of the Government at, and users may visit the HKeL website to—

(i) access versions of Legislation with legal status, by downloading PDF copies of Legislation with pages marked with the wording “Verified Copy” at the bottom (if a “Verified Copy” of the relevant Legislation within the meaning of the Legislation Publication Ordinance (Cap. 614) has been published on the HKeL website already); and

(ii) access versions of Legislation in other formats for information; and

(f) users may also refer to the following for versions of Legislation with legal status—

(i) the Loose-leaf Edition of the Laws of Hong Kong (if a “Verified Copy” of the relevant Legislation has not been published on the HKeL website); and (Note: The Loose-leaf Edition is being phased out gradually. If a chapter has its verified copy published on HKeL, only a purple Checklist showing its position will be kept in the Edition. Subsequent updates to the chapter will only be reflected in HKeL.)

(ii) the Government Gazette (if amendments to Legislation are yet to be incorporated in the HKeL website or the Loose-leaf Edition (as the case may be)).

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